Viking Tier 1

Viking Travel Club Trial


Imagine 6 weeks of amazing accommodation and 6 minibreaks in staycations in Europe where the only costs to you are flights and the food and drink you consume!!!

Designed for the more discerning traveller who likes to do his own thing and knows what he wants, The Viking Tier (name TBA) has 6 weeks of accommodation for you and your family in an unbelievable selection of resorts world-wide. Enjoy one week lounging on a palm fringed beach in the Canaries where temperatures hit 33 degrees in the middle of Europes’ winter, or delight in snow ball fights and skiing in the Alps.

Tied to your home country? With 6 Holiday Plus certificates, you can enjoy mini breaks for up to 6 nights in trendy cities or country thatched cottages retreats. Fulfil your dreams of relaxation and adventure and immerse yourself in culture and sightseeing, the choice is yours.

These incredible holidays are all available to the members in addition to an amazing 1000 euros worth of savings when you try the introductory level of the Viking Travel Club.

How It Works!

You first holiday week will be booked in Tenerife. The other 5 weeks can be split and taken within a 3 year interval and are provided courtesy of a number of very sought after resorts where reservations are normally exclusively for members only.

You are invited to visit these prestigious hotels and resorts at the discretion of the management and will be treated as VIP guests. Through its many partnerships and contacts Viking Travel Club has secured accommodation in resorts where clients have paid thousands to own and where you will only pay for the food and drink that you consume.
For your minibreaks, simply Visit …………..(….will be hidden but will have a link to it.) and enter your voucher code then choose from 1.200 European hotels in 3 to 5 star hotels in city or rural escapes in the UK or Europe.
Simply, decide on the number of nights you wish to stay, click on “booking request” and fill in the form. Once you press “confirm”, your request goes directly to your chosen hotel and you will receive a confirmation email together with the Hotel Voucher where you only pay for breakfast and dinner for each night of your stay!
To use your Unique Travel savings, visit…… hidden but will have a link to it.) activate your Electronic codes and select from 1,000,000 properties in 8,000 locations or spend on thousands of activities and excursions to add to your vacation.

You can use your entire Savings Bank Balance of 1000 euros on single or multiple reservations or share by giving your savings code to a friend or family member as a gift.

Viking Real Estate showcases the highest levels of the Premium Property market worldwide and provides all the necessary client support and requirements for making a Real Estate purchase or Listing.
The team at Viking Real Estate & Consultants are far more than your average local real estate agents. They are an experienced team of truly passionate, property professionals who understand our clients’ needs when making investment decisions and cover all the areas of listing a property for sale or purchase.
From the supply of documentation, translations, easy to view calculation of fees, Notary visits and Legal, our dedicated professionals are there to help.
Viking will list your property free of charge, market and advertise it for you free of charge and only receive payment in the event of a successful sale with the most competitive commissions on the Island.

The Viking Travel Passport is there to recall the enjoyment and excitement of setting off on vacation with a sense of fun and unique personal attention. A reflection of the early days of bespoke travel when there were no queues, and every client was treated as a VIP.
The passport caters for those who are adept at booking holidays via digital platforms, phones and tablets to those who still enjoy a visit to their local travel agency, face to face or planning a trip on the phone.
Viking builds a personalised holiday tailor made to suit our members specific wishes and needs, whether that be a family focus holiday, staycation, sports trip or special disability access trip, all with state of the art technical booking systems.
A Viking Passport holder obtains a variety of benefits for themselves and their families and unmatched value at every step of your journey.

The Viking Trial Tier (name to be supplied) gives you 3 years of membership from date of activation.
Up to 4 people can travel, for 6 weeks of accommodation with the first year booked on the sunshine Island of Tenerife.
6 Mini break certificates in popular home staycations in Europe.
An amazing 1000 euros worth of VIKING TRAVEL SAVINGS credits with 6 months access to the Viking Travel Club.