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At Viking, the heart of our business aims to restore the enjoyment and excitement of setting off on vacation with a sense of fun and unique personal attention.
A reflection of the early days of bespoke travel when there were no queues and every client was treated as a VIP.
Our exclusive Product 2 is designed for the regular traveller who prefers a higher quality of holiday with plenty of flexibility and assistance.
Travelers want to feel inspired by the places they visit and the people they meet. These experiences are created by our travel professionals and designed to build a personalised holiday tailor made to suit a clients specific needs, whether that be a family focus holiday, staycation, sports trip or relaxing holiday.
The Viking Travel Passport is a fresh new concept bringing together well known established brands and the very latest in technological booking systems relevant to a client’s search. By focusing on the most relevant inventory first, processing speeds improve and room mapping technology increases the customer satisfaction.
All with the most incredible savings on everything from Hotels, Cruises, Car rental, Flights and Airbnb and special credits to spend on Excursions, VIP meet and Greet and cash rewards!
And to get you started, the Viking Tier 2 level comes with a whopping 3000 euros worth of reward credits!!!!!!

The Viking Portfolio Level 2 Includes

  • Full access to the Viking Travel Passport for 10 years with the first 2 years complimentary and ability to extend.
  • Holiday Plus Unlimited 10 years.
  • Whopping 3000 Euros worth of Travel Credits.!!
  • Hotels
  • Price Guarantee
  • Air B&B.
  • Staycations with Holiday Plus
  • Cruises, Car rental and Flights.

Viking Real Estate showcases the highest levels of the Premium Property market worldwide and provides all the necessary client support and requirements for making a Real Estate purchase or listing.
The team at Viking Real Estate & Consultants are far more than your average local real estate agents. They are an experienced team of truly passionate, property professionals who understand our clients’ needs when making investment decisions and cover all the areas of listing a property for sale or purchase.
From the supply of documentation, translations, easy to view calculation of fees, Notary visits and Legal advice, our dedicated professionals are there to help.
Viking will list your property free of charge, market and advertise it for you free of charge and only receive payment in the event of a successful sale with the most competitive commissions on the Island.

With a portfolio of worldwide hotels of all stars and from a full holiday to a week-end escape, your level 2 membership provides you with full access to all hotel accommodation at prices well below any internet or retail value you can find.
Once logged in with your unique username and password, simply type in the location of where you want to travel, your arrival and departure dates, Number of guests that will be joining you then browse thousands of resorts and hotels all over the world.
All with updated membership savings displayed on the search results page in real time.

Viking even offer you a Price Guarantee!
Find a lower price anywhere online and you will receive a refund of 110% of the difference back!
Viking Tier 2 is to sure that you will not be able to fins a price lower anywhere than on your membership that we will guarantee in writing and pay you back 110% of the difference.

The Viking Tier 2 Vacation Homes offers you the perfect setting if you are traveling with a large group and want a more unique experience with the privacy of a home. Vacation homes and Luxury Residences are offered throughout top destinations and feature multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, private gardens and pools.
Our Weekly Stays section provides the best value when staying more than five nights and offers exclusive access to a great selection of week-long vacations at resorts, condos, and villas worldwide.

Popular with today’s holiday trend for staying close to your home country or in Europe, the Viking Passport Staycation is designed for the more discerning traveller who likes to do his own thing and knows what he wants.
Our Unlimited Hotel stay certificates allow you to enjoy mini breaks for up to 6 nights in trendy cities or country thatched cottages retreats, with no accommodation costs whatsoever.
Our members only pay for the breakfast and evening meal/food and drink they consume!
Fulfil your dreams of relaxation and adventure and immerse yourself in culture and sightseeing, the choice is all yours.
Unlimited hotel stays of up to 6 nights
Test Access Code – CUK4006450 EJM

The entire world of Ocean, River, Sail boats and Yacht charters are available to out Tier 2 owners.
With Ocean Cruises, members can enjoy the excitement of cruising to exotic destinations around the world from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean with
access to all major cruise lines and gain up to 15% back in reward credits every time they book.

Our members have the option of creating a bespoke Cruise and Sail destination itinerary or browsing featured cruise packages, from hundreds of established crossings.

With River Cruises: our members have access to the most extravagant River Cruises in the industry from touring along the Danube, the longest river in Europe to sailing past the majestic Pyramids in Egypt on the Nile.
These amazing trips offer inspiring destinations, beautifully crafted itineraries, expert tour guides, luxurious ships, fine cuisine, and excellent service – all at a remarkable value.
And if that was not enough,….we offer bespoke Sail Boats and Yacht charters. Simply submit a request and we will book all your travel arrangements for an island hop in the Greek islands on a private sail boat.

The Viking Level 2 portfolio allows you to book in advance or even on the same day for a car rental with pickup and drop-off locations available throughout Europe, the United States, Mexico, Canada, and hundreds of other destinations.
Renting a car has never been so affordable and easy and you earn credits every time you book.

Your membership offers you the ability to book flights in either money and/or Reward Credits.
Booking flights with your membership helps you earn double or triple rewards each time you fly.
Earn Reward Credits with each flight and receive frequent flyer miles and earn rewards linked to your credit card.

Includes Gift cards
Worldwide tours
Transport and lounges.

Emergency travel services
The Viking Tier 2 level has a full Emergency Travel Services for full peace of mind for you and your family.
If for any reason you suffer an injury or illness, Vikings’ link with the Global Emergency Travel Service can help you find the right treatment and in extreme cases will provide an emergency evacuation under medical supervision, be it by ambulance or flight to the nearest facility capable of providing adequate care.