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You are now part of an elite team of smart adventurers with an Exclusive Passport to a world of unique real estate, luxury customised holidays, lifestyle services and your own private social gateway to connect with other members, share experiences, information and photos.

You have provided yourself and your family with years and years of satisfying vacations, and lifestyle support for a club that is the most effective, economical and reliable source of affordable quality accommodation in the world.

Available in all languages, our clean and simply designed web portal functions to help our members navigate different levels of ownership, view all latest news and offers, share experiences and communicate with us quickly and efficiently.

With the spirit of Viking discovery and innovation, Members can access different services and companies based on the tier level they own.

In the comfort of their own home, members can scroll through property listings, book travel, select lifestyle assistance and interact with other members, including activities for the kids and view our regular posted unbeatable offers.

At the forefront of the Viking philosophy is the communication with our members. From digital contact forms, 24 hour chat robots to your own personal concierge where you speak to an agent, about anything from scheduling a real estate viewing and inspection visit, booking a holiday, getting help with translations of documents, our telephone and zoom helpline is there for you.

We truly value your business and will do everything to make your Portfolio experiences rewarding.

Now it’s time to sit back and relax and imagine all the destinations you have access to.

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